Sunday Telegraph Week 1 Election Poll

Voting intention poll from during 2001 general election, for the Telegraph.

  • MORI interviewed 1,021 British adults aged 18+
  • Interviews were conducted by telephone between 10-12 May 2001
  • Results are based on all respondents unless otherwise stated
  • Data are weighted to the known population profile
  • An '*' indicates a finding of less than 0.5%, but greater than zero
  • Where percentages do not add up to exactly 100% this may be due to computer rounding, the exclusion of "don't knows" or to multiple answers
  • Poll conducted by MORI on behalf of The Sunday Telegraph

QV1 How do you intend to vote at the General Election on June 7th? [If undecided or refused at Q1] QV2 Which party are you most inclined to support?

Conservative 31%
Labour 51%
Liberal Democrats 13%
Scottish/Welsh Nationalist 2%
Green Party 1%
Referendum Party/UKIP/Democratic *%
Scottish Socialist Party *%
Other 1%

Would not vote 8%
Undecided 13%
Refused 6%
General Election 2001 Voting Intention Trends

Q2a Why do you say undecided? All who said they were undecided at QV2 (128)

Don't know enough about the election/political 28
Don't know what the parties stand for 11
Don't know the candidates 6
Waiting to see manifestos 15
Waiting to see candidates in my area 5
Waiting to see what happens during the campaign 5
Not interested in the election/political 9
Refused 13
Other 8
Don't know 5

Q2b Why do you say refused? Base: all who refused at QV2 (61)

Never tell anyone/matter of principle 17
It's my businesses 21
It's private/confidential 39
It's a secret ballot 7
Would rather not say 19
Other 0
Don't know 5

Q3 Can you tell me how likely you are to vote at the General Election?

Certain to vote 60
Very likely to vote 13
Quite likely to vote 10
Not very likely to vote 5
Certain not to vote 11
Don't know 1
Likelihood of voting trends

Q4 Have you definitely decided to vote for the ... party or is there a chance you may change your mind before you vote?

  All All naming Labour All naming Conservatives All naming Liberal Democrats
(760) (383) (239) (95)
  % % % %
Definitely decided 63 65 65 50
May change mind 32 31 29 47
Don't know 5 4 6 3

Q5 Which of the following comes closest to your reasons for intending to vote for the ... party? Base: all naming a party (760)

  All All naming Labour All naming Conservatives All naming Liberal Democrats
(760) (383) (239) (95)
  % % % %
It is the party that most represents your views 82 85 84 69
The party you support has little chance of winning in this constituency so you vote for the ... party to try and keep another party out 10 9 9 21
Other 2 2 2 3
No opinion 6 4 5 7
Long term trends on this question

Q6 Who do you think would make the most capable Prime Minister, Mr Blair, Mr Hague or Mr Kennedy?

Blair 51
Hague 15
Kennedy 8
None/Don't know 26
Long term trends on this question

Q7 What do you think will be the outcome of the forthcoming General Election?

Conservative victory 5
Labour victory 78
Liberal Democrats victory *
No overall majority/hung Parliament 2
Other *
Don't know 14
Long term trends on this and similar questions

Q8 Looking ahead to the General Election on June 7, which, if any, issues will be very important to you in helping you decide how to vote?

Animal welfare 1%
Asylum/immigration 6%
Defence 1%
Education 35%
Europe 7%
Foot and mouth disease 2%
Health care 40%
Housing 2%
Law & Order 10%
Managing the economy 7%
Northern Ireland *%
Pensions 16%
Protecting the natural environment 2%
Public transport 5%
Taxation 16%
Trade Unions *%
Unemployment 3%
Other 14%
None of these/Don't know 18%
Most Important Issues Long Term Trends

Q9a Do you think the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats or some other party has the best policy on managing the economy? Base: all mentioning managing the economy (70)

Labour 43
Conservatives 19
Liberal Democrats 0
Other 1
None 15
Don't know 22
Best party on managing the economy trends

Q9b Do you think the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats or some other party has the best policy on taxation? Base: all mentioning taxation (161)

Labour 23
Conservatives 29
Liberal Democrats 9
Other 1
None 9
Don't know 29

Q10 Since it was elected in May 1997, do you think that the Labour Government has done a good job or a bad job at ...?

  ...managing the economy? ...handling taxation and public expenditure?
  % %
Good job 71 52
Bad job 16 33
Don't know 13 15

Q11a/b If a Labour/Conservative Government is elected after the next General Election, do you think it will or will not increase income tax?

  Labour Conservative
  % %
Will 51 45
Will not 32 37
Don't know 17 18

Q11c The Conservative Party is proposing cutting spending on public services by £8 billion, meaning that they will be able to cut taxes. Do you support or oppose this policy?

Support 28
Oppose 60
Don't know 12

Q12 Would you personally like to see a referendum held during the lifetime of the next Parliament to decide on whether Britain should join the single European currency - the Euro?

Yes 74
No 18
Don't know 8
Refused *

Q13 If there were a referendum now on whether Britain should be part of a single European currency, how would you vote?

In favour of a single currency 28
Against single currency 57
Don't know/would not vote 15
Base: all expressing an opinion %
In favour of a single currency 33
Against single currency 67
Long term trends on this question

Q14 The Conservatives have said that they would NOT hold a referendum on joining the Euro during the lifetime of the next Parliament. If they promised to hold a referendum on joining the Euro during the next Parliament would you be more likely to vote Conservative at the General Election on June 7, less likely to vote Conservative or would it make no difference to you?

More likely 13
Less likely 10
No difference 74
Don't know 3s

Q15 Which one of these best describes the area where you live most of the time?

In the middle of a city or town 29
In a suburb 32
On the edge of the countryside 26
In the middle of the countryside 12

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