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UK KnowledgePanel

UK KnowledgePanel

Ipsos’s UK KnowledgePanel is the UK’s largest online random probability panel, providing total understanding of the UK public for businesses and organisations looking for robust research at unmatched speed.

Purpose + Mission 

The UK KnowledgePanel provides a premium and reliable source of nationally representative data at speed; delivering quality, scale and efficiency for organisations and businesses seeking robust cutting-edge insight. Established in August 2020, the continued growth of KnowledgePanel with over 25,000 panellists provides unprecedented opportunities for public insight.

Obtaining robust population estimates has traditionally been a slow and expensive process, yet the need for fast-moving high-quality data has never been greater. To keep up with the constantly changing world, we provide innovative solutions to better understand and keep pace with new behavioural norms and evolving public attitudes.


We recruit panellists to the KnowledgePanel using random probability unclustered address-based sampling: the gold-standard in UK survey research. This means that every household in the UK has a known chance of being selected to join the panel; improving the statistical reliability of your data. 

A key point of difference is the inclusion of digitally excluded households. We provide those who are unable to access the internet with tablets, free data and technical support to help them complete surveys online. As a result, we have no differential mode bias and can maximise the potential of online research to deliver a total understanding of the UK public.

With over 25,000 and nation boosts the KnowledgePanel provides a rich source of data and enhances your ability to conduct robust sub-group analysis or target questions to specific groups within the population. We maintain an extensive profile of relevant demographic and geodemographic variables that can be sued to augment survey responses or identify unique sub-groups.

Integrated solutions 

Research teams across the wider Ipsos business have been able to take advantage of the KnowledgePanel’s high quality data with projects ranging from 

  • Public attitudes towards the Covid vaccination
  • Political correctness and cultural values
  • Energy use 
  • Financial wellbeing

The KnowledgePanel has a rich database of profiling information on our panellists, including geo-demographics data as well as values and opinion data.
This means that valuable questionnaire space can be dedicated to answering 
key research questions while also having the ability to target niche groups within the population – whether that’d be within a certain geographical area or a particular socio-demography.  The KnowledgePanel offers an effective means to screen large numbers of the population to provide reliable incidence rates for new circumstances, attitudes and behaviours.

The scale of KnowledgePanel and ongoing recruitment facilitates both fresh and longitudinal samples. Longitudinal perspectives provide an opportunity to build rich insight on the same cohort of households or individuals over time, capturing observed shifts in circumstances, behaviours and attitudes.

Senior leadership team 

Gary Welch - Ipsos

Gary Welch, Research Director, Ipsos 

Gary has oversight of all elements of the UK KnowledgePanel and is the Board-level sponsor for the KnowledgePanel. He is the point of escalation for all operational matters relating to the ongoing management of the panel. Gary is also the primary UK KnowledgePanel contact point with the Ipsos KnowledgePanel teams operating in the US and in various EU countries.


Glenn Gottfried, Associate Director, Ipsos 

Glenn has also been a core member of the KnowledgePanel team, helping set up and establish the panel, and currently serves as its overall strategic director to help ensure that it is as robust as possible and meets client demands. Glenn’s project work has largely focused on political and cultural topics both in the UK and world-wide.   

Alex Bogdan - Ipsos

Alex Bogdan, Director, Ipsos 

Alex leads the UK KnowledgePanel, overseeing the overall quality of the panel and working with clients to develop research solutions that meet their needs. She is a quantitative methodologist, specialising in probability samples across face-to-face, postal and online methodologies, including mixed mode surveys. Alex is a visiting researcher at Newcastle University. 


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Client case-studies 

To learn more download the Knowledge Panel Brochure