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Market Strategy & Understanding

Category Fundamentals

What can I learn about category behavior and attitudes that shows me where to play and how to win?

We help you see where your market is heading, identify your best growth opportunities and anticipate and harness disruption.

Identify the best opportunities to grow your category and brand

At Ipsos, we approach Usage and Attitude studies differently. We go beyond traditional U&A surveys to incorporate brand switching models, behavioral science and micro-surveys that capture the impact of today’s societal challenges on consumers, such as inflation and sustainability. For example, our Sustainability Segmentation can easily be integrated into your survey to group your consumers into different environmental groups – so you can see the role they play in your category.

Ipsos Sustainability Segmentation

Ipsos | Sustainability Segmentation

Our U&A's capture more nuanced, realistic, and strategic insights, helping you to address such challenges as:

  • Where is my category heading? What are the key trends and behavior changes impacting my brands?
  • Where can I find opportunities to grow my brand or category?
  • How can I drive innovation through new and relevant features and benefits?

Focus your spending on the right people and occasions

In today's dynamic market landscape, brands require a deep understanding of consumer behaviour to effectively navigate opportunities and challenges. Behavioral Measurement provides an accurate and granular understanding of people’s real time habits as they use your products and services, capturing details such as who is using your product, when, with whom, and why.

Details captured by behavioral measurement 

Behavioral Measurement offers valuable insights that can shape various aspects of your marketing mix, such as:

  • Identifying growth opportunities and white spaces
  • Portfolio management for optimal brand performance
  • Fueling the innovation pipeline
  • Fine-tuning pricing and distribution strategies

Find new opportunities in your category and adjacent categories

Our Market Structure studies help you understand how consumer needs, perceptions and product use shape the market. As we build a map of your market, we can zoom in on the product details of your category and zoom out on adjacent categories – as well as add further understanding through the application of social intelligence. We answer business questions such as:

  • How do consumers navigate my category and adjacent categories?
  • Are there any white space or brand stretch opportunities?
  • How do I optimize my portfolio of products and brands?


Essentials is our global syndicated tracker that monitors attitudes, emotions, and behaviors as consumers face unprecedented challenges related to inflation, political conflict, health, climate change, and other issues.

With Essentials, you can connect with consumers on an ongoing basis as they adapt to the changing world around them. Covering 15 countries, Essentials investigates such topics as:

  • Inflation and personal financial situation
  • Sustainability and the environment
  • Health and wellness
  • Omnichannel shopping behavior in key verticals 
  • Category usage and prioritization
  • Travel intentions and attitudes
  • Social and entertainment activities
  • World of work and employee attitudes