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Custom Panel

Robust online proprietary panels for longitudinal research at scale

Keep your finger on the pulse of the people that matter the most to you with Ipsos Custom Panels. Panels are an efficient way for brands to access on-tap audiences of consumers, patients, business stakeholders or citizens for recurring research addressing a multitude of business needs.

The Ipsos Custom Panel solution is ideal if you are looking for a customer-centric and quant-focused research approach, need frequent access to insights including hard-to-reach audiences, regular re-contact, and consistent research over time in a closed-respondent ecosystem. Our solution ranges from integrated, highly engaged communities to robust, complex custom panels – with audiences from 50 to 500,000+ members.

Our experts provide best-in-class panel management, Ipsos’ signature research rigor and global scale. Ipsos’ custom panel experts provide an end-to-end service that leverages the latest technology – from panel design, recruitment, research execution and client portal dashboards and are with you every step of way.