Ipsos MarketQuest Delivers a Richer Understanding of What Motivates People to Choose a Brand

New Censydiam Suite of Business Solutions Helps Brands Grow by Connecting with Deeper Human Emotions

New York, NY - Marketers around the world need a better understanding of what motivates their consumers to buy their brands, and even more importantly, what motivates them to NOT make that purchase. They need guidance, based on relevant and reliable metrics, to make their brands more meaningful to people and ultimately to grow their business.

To meet these needs of marketers, Ipsos MarketQuest has created a new suite of Censydiam business solutions to drive brand growth.

The new Censydiam offer helps marketers and brand managers uncover, prioritize and size category and cross category opportunities for growth. It also identifies brand choice drivers and provides a brand equity measure that is highly correlated with market share.

"Our new Censydiam suite is extremely powerful and unique. It combines the best thinking and IP from our experts into one modular suite of brand growth solutions." says Douwe Rademaker, Global CEO of Ipsos MarketQuest. "The beauty of it is that it relies on our people centered vision of human motivations and directly links to business metrics. It includes powerful predictive simulations and activation workshops to turn insights into action and ensure profitable business impact."

When compared to other market research solutions offered by competing research firms, the new Censydiam has two key points of difference:

  • It has an individual people centered approach to identify which human motivations a brand should tap into to grow its share.
  • It links very precisely changes in brand perceptions to business outcomes, necessary to predict the impact of marketing spend on business metrics.

Censydiam uses its validated motivational framework to connect brands and businesses with people's deeper motivations to ensure a true competitive brand advantage. Censydiam deconstructs people's motivations to purchase across four layers: functional characteristics, social identity, emotional benefits and personality. Together, these contribute to 85-95% of a brand's attitudinal equity.

Using a unique analytical approach and a powerful simulator, Censydiam can predict which aspects a brand should leverage to improve its market share. It identifies which drivers have the most leverage for a specific brand. It determines the cost of entry factors a brand requires to play in the market; the current drivers to leverage to grow the brand and the drivers that can be built into new growth platforms for brand innovation.

"Our Censydiam `next generation' modular set of solutions unlocks the path to creating relevant and meaningful brands. It directly links people's needs and motivations to drivers of brand growth," adds Lauren Demar, Deputy CEO of Ipsos Marketing. "It is now available in all countries where Ipsos operates and is supported by a very experienced team of global Censydiam experts in partnership with highly specialized client service teams on the ground for delivery and activation..

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About Ipsos MarketQuest

Ipsos MarketQuest is the Ipsos Marketing practice aiming at understanding consumers, shoppers and markets to drive business growth. Our experts help their clients identify business opportunities, define the best positioning for their brands, allocate their Marketing investments and develop winning strategies at the point of sale.

Ipsos is the only global agency with a dedicated practice in this area, under-pinned by a powerful and validated philosophy centered on people and human motivations. Our solutions are based on simplified metrics and always linked to business outcomes, through an extensive usage of activation sessions and simulations.

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