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SampleOnly service gives you fast and direct access to Ipsos’ highly engaged respondent sources.

SampleOnly is the ideal solution for clients who are looking to partner with a reliable and high-quality online sample provider but want to manage their surveys, scripting, data processing and run analysis on their own in total security and confidentiality.

SampleOnly is applicable:

  • for B2C and B2B research purposes
  • from simple to the most sophisticated surveys, one-shot or multi-country, multi-wave projects.
  • in 100+ markets.

What Sample Only service offers and why is it better than other samples:

  • Sample representation of sample targets. We are using diverse sample sources, Ipsos proprietary panels and other vetted panel providers, mobile and other intercept respondents, reaching respondents wherever they are online to cover all parts of the online population.
  • Truly engaged respondents. In Ipsos we pay attention to all our respondents’ survey-taking experiences with timely personalized interactions keeping them engaged over the longer term.
  • High quality control with a focus on fraud protection. The Ipsos Panel and Survey quality program is renowned as being at the forefront of our industry to commit our respondents to be real, unique, engaged and not over-used.
  • Sample stability and consistency. Ipsos’ global systems and best practices ensure same quality across markets and surveys.
  • Sample scalability and local expertise are offered thanks to our global infrastructure with regional units.
  • High security and confidentiality. We operate within legal obligations by compliance with local and international privacy laws. We strictly apply security protocols to protect our respondents, surveys and client information. Our DIY platform and our Sample Only team are distinct from the other Ipsos teams which guarantee confidentiality of your surveys.
  • Speed as a must. You can order your sample straight from our intuitive DIY platform or from our online-mobile experts, both backed up with unique sampling tools, programmatic sampling (automated end-to-end sampling), router for optimal respondent allocation and shorter field cycles and dynamic profiling to reach straightforward pre-identified targets.

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Global contact: Frederique Alexandre