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Creative Development

Explore the communication strategy, uncover the best idea and creative route.

Creative|Spark Early

Quickly screen early big ideas and creatives to spark creative development early and deliver with maximum impact. Creative|Spark Early enables clients to quickly select the best early idea or rough creative, such as storyboards and videoboards, to further develop, through observed brand impact and diagnostics, in as little as 24 hours. Enabling advertisers to identify the most compelling consumer insights, creative expressions, and campaign ideas, Creative|Spark Early provides brands the learnings and confidence to make quick decisions before progressing to full production. By measuring memory encoding potential, brand linkage, and the appeal of campaign messaging, Creative|Spark Early uncovers key words and phrases that drive consumer interest and offers specific recommendations to enhance development.

The solution is available globally with a range of flexible service options, through Ipsos client service teams and on the Ipsos.Digital platform.


Accelerate creative development with same-day insights, bringing understanding of how people experience the creative and how to optimize communication ideas and early creative routes, such as text manifestos storyboards, moodboards, and early videoboards and animatics.

Creative|Labs is an integrated quant-qual advertising research and is designed to fuel creativity early in the process to maximize advertising investment by revealing the “what”, the “why” and the “how.”

Our collaborative hothouse strengthens confidence among all clients’ stakeholders (advertising agencies marketing teams, insights teams) by facilitating communication decisions and alignment during the lab day and by offering a same day live debrief of the results. Creative|Labs is now available in person or online for increased agility. Read more.

Creative Development playbook

We offer a selection of dedicated services, online and in person, to explore and uncover insights generation, ideas and early creative. We help brand teams and agencies along the creative development process to:

  • curate knowledge that can serve as a springboard to inspire new communication territories
  • observe people to reveal great insights
  • find how the brand can play and fuel creativity further to push the boundaries and find the sweet spot.

Our Creative research experts will help your teams find and nurture big ideas and unleash the creative expressions that can best bring the idea to life. 

Take a look at our Creative Corner videos where Ipsos experts discuss how to unleash creativity and create strong ads that will leave a lasting impression and generate positive business outcomes.

Wherever you are within the creative development process, Creative Excellence at Ipsos is here to help you confidently navigate the creative journey and fuel your brand growth.