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Public Affairs

Political and Public Opinion Polling

Understanding and informing public opinion and politics.

We design, conduct, and release polling data for our clients and media partners to help citizens and stakeholders understand public opinion and its impact on key issues and politics.

Ipsos stands for accuracy, truth and insight. Ipsos polls and data are consistently featured in media around the world.

We have the largest team of recognised political polling experts in the world.  With more than 30 years’ experience researching political attitudes, and extensive methodological expertise, we provide clients with insightful results that stand up to scrutiny.

For more information about conducting research intended for public release, please download our brochure, see our public release protocol, or contact us.

Communications Research

We produce data that drives decision making and ensure that our clients get the most out of research by marrying concise data-driven reporting with ongoing consultation and support.

We provide our clients with methodologically sound, reliable and defensible results that may be used to:

  • Leverage polling as a platform to draw attention to your communications;
  • Understand current prevailing public opinion trends;
  • Measure the beliefs and values that drive support or opposition to particular policies, parties or candidates;
  • Identify key voting blocks, segments or audiences to achieve specific goals;
  • Support or oppose an issue for public debate, government hearings, white papers, submissions, briefings or demonstrations; and
  • Inform communications and outreach strategies to best target receptive audiences.

We work with all types of organizations, media and PR firms to design polls that represent the voice of consumers, citizens, employees, businesses, elites, stakeholders, and other defined groups on a local, national or international basis.

For more information about research to drive communications strategy, please contact us.

Ipsos News and Polls

The Ipsos News and Polls online database contains all publicly released research undertaken for our media partners and clients in North America.