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Public Affairs

Public Service Improvement

Understanding the needs of citizens and customers of public organizations, and creating insight through analytics, to strengthen government programs and to improve efficiency and effectiveness in achieving agency missions

At Ipsos, we are naturally curious about the needs of citizens and passionate about helping government agencies meet citizen needs and achieve their missions through efficient and effective public programs. Government agencies are pressured in today’s society under ever-increasing and ever-competing external and internal demands, and must balance all of these competing demands to best serve citizens through impactful public services. Continuous operational improvement is essential in today’s evolving government to best serve citizens.

Ipsos specializes in collecting essential citizen feedback and other data, conducting advanced analyses, and providing data-driven recommendations that strengthen government programs to become more efficient and effective in achieving agency missions.  

We understand government programs and whether agencies need to systematically transform operations or evolve at a slower pace through incremental improvement. We can provide evidence-based recommendations and solutions that take public organizations to the next level. By understanding citizen preferences and needs, agency operational data, and budgets, we help our clients align public policy and regulations, public programs to implement policy, and efficient operations to meet citizen needs.

At the heart of our approach to improving public services is the application of proven approaches from the private sector to address operational and management challenges, measure and increase efficiency, and strengthen program impact – all through alignment of agency strategy, business processes, IT systems, and strong program and change management. And by collecting and analyzing essential data, we help agencies incorporate the voice of the citizen into their programs and deliver services from a human-centered perspective. In so doing, we help develop systems for data-driven continuous improvement, particularly for customer-facing government functions.

  • We guide our clients in the development of new strategies to best achieve policy mandates through government programs.  Aligning policy to strategy, organization, leadership, management, and operations is key to achieving policy objectives in an effective manner.  By conducting strategic planning in accordance with GPRA, organizational design and development, and design and implementation of effective performance measures, we help our clients chart new courses and navigate through public program lifecycles in a meaningful and impactful manner.
  • We help our clients evaluate, map, design, develop, and improve business processes, aligned to organizational strategy, to best deliver services to citizens.  Whether re-engineering entire processes or making minor adjustments, our clear, concise, and thorough process decomposition and mapping is key to fully understand how things get done in government agencies and programs.  Through such analyses, we identify existing process challenges – workload issues, bottlenecks, and challenges in hand-offs – and offer advice and recommendations to change existing or design new business processes to better achieve objectives and make employee jobs easier.  We routinely utilize human-centered design techniques in our business process improvement efforts to best improve employee experiences, as well.
  • We assist our clients in making decisions about information technology and supporting systems to best support business processes aligned to the mission and policy objectives through strategies. Increasingly, citizens demand fast and accurate transactions with government agencies, and IT solutions and automation enhance citizen experience and satisfaction with such interaction. As government agencies and programs embrace digital transformation, we support our clients with design, development, and managed services through our own experts and our industry partners.
  • We provide program, project, and change management services to assist our clients with implementation of new strategies, new or improved business processes, and new digital solutions – and continuous operational management through PMOs and other structures, depending on our client needs. Our support helps guide change, effectively manages implementation of new initiatives, and enhances employee engagement through training and strategic communications.
  • We evaluate public programs to facilitate continuous improvement and help policymakers assess the relative benefit of different structures and service models. Ipsos works with clients to develop fully articulated models of change and then designs measurement approaches, using a broad range of data sources and analytic tools, to identify what is and isn’t working in programs.