Duel, Ipsos’ fast and agile screening solution, is now available on Ipsos.Digital platform in 6 countries

Already available in the USA, the solution has launched in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain on Ipsos’ self-service research platform

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  • Jiongming Mu Global Head of Innovation Testing and Forecasting, Innovation, Canada
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Duel fast and agile screening solution | Ipsos

In a world where products are created and launched faster than ever before, winning over today’s connected consumer requires creativity and agility. Organisations willing to accelerate their innovation journey and increase their chances for in-market success need research solutions that provide results at the touch of a button.

Still available directly via Ipsos service teams, Duel has now also launched on Ipsos.Digital in 6 countries, giving clients the flexibility and agility of two service options. By logging on to Ipsos.Digital, clients can self-manage their research needs at their convenience with results in as little as four hours.

Duel offers the possibility to quickly assess the potential of Claims, Varieties, Names and Visuals.

Designed to work with any type of short marketing proposition, across all product categories, Duel provides a gamified experience for the respondents. The survey identifies the winning proposition and eliminates those which do not appeal to consumers. Thanks to this design grounded on behavioral sciences, Duel provides greater discrimination between the tested propositions for speedy and efficient decision making.

Jiongming Mu, Ipsos’ Senior Vice President Global Innovation Solutions, said “we know that many marketers believe their innovations would be stronger if they were driven more by real consumer insights. Which is why Duel engages consumers in a way that closely mimics the decisions real people make, set in a realistic environment and pitted against competing brands”.

Grounded in the DNA of Ipsos, Duel on Ipsos.Digital combines the latest technology with Ipsos’ best-in-class data quality and depth of expertise, all in a secure and controlled self-service research framework.

Virginia Weil, President of Global Innovation said “with a global network of dedicated innovation experts we have a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and also their demand for speed and agility. With fast and easy access to consumers on our fully automated research platform we enable clients to accelerate the innovation journey for their new products, apps and services”.

The author(s)

  • Jiongming Mu Global Head of Innovation Testing and Forecasting, Innovation, Canada

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