[EVENT] Canadian Public Relations Society

Communication is the foundation upon which we build reputation, acquire customers or gain political allies. Effective communication can mitigate challenges and crises, change attitudes and behaviors, drive societal shifts, and grow businesses.

How do we know that our communication is indeed “effective”? We use research to test our ideas, generate new ideas, measure the impact of our campaigns, and inform our key messages and strategies.

Without research, we make assumptions about our tactical approaches which may or may not be entirely true.

Knowing the right research tools to fit your communications objectives and budget will assist professional communicators in developing and confirming that your strategies are on the right track, ethically and accurately.

Don’t miss this hands-on CPRS seminar featuring Ipsos’ Erin Roulston share best practices for conducting communications research.

For more information, or to register now, please visit the CPRS website.

Speakers :

  • Erin Roulston, Ipsos, Canada