Flair Colombia 2017 - Reviving

“Reviving” is the word of the year in Colombia and in all the Colombians hopes and dreams. It is our very ambitious bet, thinking about Colombia as a case study in the modern history, where – unfortunately – a lot of countries moved from peace to war, as in Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Ukraine…

flair Colombia 2017The will of Colombians (succeed), the new outlook (to develop), the Internet growth (access) are operating at the same time. Despite 28% of the Colombian population living in poverty, the conditions are conducive to open a new way. Moving from wartime consumption to peacetime consumption will influence the Colombians and accelerate their maturity in respect of brands and communications.

1. Colombia is reviving.

The Peace Agreement between the Government and the FARC put an end to 52 years of war and violence.

2. Colombia is on the right track to become a leading nation in the region.

The Peace Agreement creates opportunities to develop road infrastructure, to reactivate agriculture and ecotourism in a country with some of the greatest ecological diversity, and to attract domestic and foreign investment.

3. Colombia has become a plastic surgery tourist destination.

Colombia has aesthetic clinics of great renown with leading-edge technology in the main cities.  

4. Colombia has adapted well to technological advances.

Together with Argentina and Chile, they are the leaders in penetration of cell phone technology: in 95% of homes, at least one person has a cell phone and 75% of the people in urban areas have one.

5. Colombia is more and more connected.

The use of the Internet has been growing, and now stands at almost 60%.

6. Colombia needs to respond to the challenge of inclusion.

How prepared are Colombian companies (beyond their good intentions) to include demobilized personnel and ex-criminals in their workforce?

7. Colombia attracts foreigners with its work opportunities.

Between January and June 2016, 205,944 foreigners entered Colombia (+11% vs. the same period of 2015).  This influx can bring new languages, new styles of leadership and new ways to work.

8. Colombia challenges sales channels.

Inflation and the emergence of hard discount stores has made Colombian shoppers more likely to be "attentive" and "informed/aware", so they are looking for a good cost/benefit ratio.

9. Colombia feels concerns about the quality of life and is surfing on the healthy food trend. 

Although 32% of Colombians eat fried food every day, the consumption of healthy food is a strong movement in the market, associated to health, nutrition, and fitness.

10. Colombians are into exercising.

Football, cycling and roller skating are the most popular sports in Colombia. The government sponsors numerous individuals and teams nationally and internationally through the Ministry of Culture to enable people to represent Colombia in competition.