Flair Thailand 2016

Thailand 2016 in 10 points.

  1. Flair Thailand 2016 | IpsosThailand’s secret is it versatility mind. It’s the key of happiness and resilience: 95% declare that they're very or quite happy, one of the highest score in the world. Even the genders are versatile, with 2,5% of transgenders.
  2. Thailand being an aging country. 9 Millions Thais are above 60 years old, the highest proportion in SEA after Singapore, the number of people older than 60 exceeding the number of children in 2018.
  3. Thailand is indebted. The household debt is now 83% of GDP, a serious risk for all the actors of the consumption society.
  4. Thailand concerns it middle class. Personal, the status erosion because of a decreasing money power (35% Vs. 29% average); overall, the pollution as a negative side effect of economic development (55% Vs. 50% average).
  5. Thailand is still worry about economy. Bank of Thailand adjusted its forecast down from 3.5 % to 3.1 %, the economic recovery being still slower than expected.
  6. Thailand is connection addicted. Thais are the third largest Facebook users and the second-largest Line users, after Japan. In line, the penetration of smartphones is over 90%.
  7. Thailand encourages women empowerment. 49% of CEO in Thailand is women, a world record, far above the global ratio of 24% of senior management roles filled by women.
  8. Thailand is narcissistic. Beauty is a standard requisite for teenagers and women, but now, the desire for beauty goes for men too. Male grooming has become big business, as has cosmetic surgery.
  9. Thailand wants to enjoy. There, enjoyments maximizing the pleasure, self-overindulge, are the main motivation, according to Ipsos Censydiam. Of course, luxury is the best route to enjoyment.
  10. Thailand is always magnetic. Tourism growth doesn’t stop, reaching nearly 30 million in 2015, and 2016 started very well.