Ipsos Launches Syndicated Social Listening in Healthcare

Deployed successfully, social listening can accelerate insight generation from any kind of text data: web forums, social media sites, survey verbatims, internal data, and much more.

Unlike most off-the-shelf approaches, however, Ipsos Healthcare's new syndicated social listening offer is designed to recognise healthcare-specific terminology. This, together with our extensive therapeutic knowledge and advanced statistical methods means that Therapy Listening can deliver genuinely powerful insights for healthcare subscribers.

Specifically, pharma and other companies will be able to better understand the patient journey, explore unmet patient needs at each stage, monitor brand buzz and perception, follow up and measure patient communication campaigns, and access 'hard to reach' patient audiences. At the same time, they will benefit from the cost and time efficiencies of multi-client research.

Therapy Listening

The pilot report – Therapy Listening in Diabetes – is now available for purchase.

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