[WEBINAR] Medical Devices & Diagnostics: Current view of the entire ecosystem [Webinar recording]

Medical devices & diagnostics: current view of the entire ecosystem | Ipsos

Thank you for your interest in our webinar hosted on June 3, 2020. Though you missed our live presentation, we are delighted to provide you with the recording of this informative session you can view on demand at your leisure.

Access the recording – Medical Devices & Diagnostics: Current view of the entire ecosystem - Findings from four fresh Ipsos studies.

We are pleased to make available a recording of our recent webinar, “Medical Devices & Diagnostics: Current view of the entire ecosystem - Findings from four fresh Ipsos studies.”

We invite you to join Ipsos’ Medtech experts to explore the impact of COVID-19 across the entire medical devices & diagnostics ecosystem. Learn how labs, surgeons, payers and hospital administrators are being affected and take a look at what lies ahead for manufacturers.

View the webinar recording to hear insights from four fresh Ipsos studies that offer a data-based perspective across the challenges and opportunities for medical devices & diagnostics manufacturers, as well key strategic considerations to best navigate this new environment. Topics for the session include exploring:

  • Evolution of the COVID-19 testing market: Adoption rates, testing scenarios, methodologies and core value drivers
  • Hospital operations & purchase decision-making: Impact on testing/procedure demand, adapted clinical strategies and the return to elective procedures, as well as the path forward for capital equipment purchases/budgets, in both the laboratory and operating room
  • Sales & e-detailing: Stakeholder receptivity to virtual communication channels and recommendations for successful e-detailing interactions
  • Access considerations: While there has been minimal impact on policy decision-making process, benefit generosity is threatened by membership declines and provider pressure to increase reimbursement rates

Ipsos just completed four surveillance studies to inform these learnings and we look forward to bringing you the fresh insights:

  1. Lab surveillance with 75 US clinical lab directors/managers
  2. Surgeon surveillance with 530 US surgeons across a variety of specialties
  3. Payer surveillance with 12 US medical/pharmacy directors at major insurers
  4. Hospital administrator surveillance with 15 non-clinical stakeholders at hospitals and health systems

To take you further along on your journey, we would be delighted discuss the details of the research, as well as how we can help your team reflect on the impacts of COVID-19 and reframe your plans. Reach out to our topic experts: Dan Carlow (Labs), Janna Pattison (Surgeons) or Meghan Gavaghan (Hospital Administrators & Payers).

Speakers :

  • Janna Pattison, VP, Medical Devices & Diagnostics, Ipsos

  • Meghan Gavaghan, VP, Market Access, Ipsos

  • Dan Carlow, Director, Market Access, Ipsos

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