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Unlike the previous few years, 2023 has been slightly less ‘unprecedented’: there have been no pandemic restrictions, no record-breaking heatwaves, no energy supply shocks. Even UK politics has been comparatively tranquil, by its own recently frenetic standards.

Yet there are signs that this might just be a quiet period in the wider polycrisis facing the UK and the world.

In terms of environmental sustainability, Ipsos Global Trends data reveals that attitudes towards purpose are declining for the first time in a decade. People are focusing more inwardly on themselves and their world, rather than the broader problems surrounding them. The polycrisis has arguably worsened, leading to a lower priority on environmental concern and brand/value alignment among citizens in many countries. As we look forward to 2024, Lauren Demar, Ipsos' Chief Sustainability Officer and Global Head of ESG, asks whether we've moved from an "Everything Everywhere All at Once" to a "Not Much, Anywhere, Anytime Soon" mindset? Despite the uncertainty, taking action on ESG initiatives is increasingly becoming a necessity – to win in the years to come, smart businesses will act now to ensure they remain relevant and profitable. Doing well and doing good are not mutually exclusive; it is possible – and necessary – to do both.


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