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With the environment rising as a concern, we wanted to learn more about what worries Australians.

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  • Jamie Stinson Content Manager
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In January the environment was the top concern in Australia for the first time, according to the Ipsos Australia Issues Index.

Through the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 images went round the world of the east of the country besieged by bushfires.

We wanted to understand what life is like for Australians and to do this we spoke to Dan Evans, deputy managing director, Public Affairs in Australia. Listen to the podcast below.

Evans said: “Environment is now clearly the top issue facing the nation. 41% of Australians selected it as the top issue and the cost of living came in at 30%. There’s a clear gap now between the environment as our number one concern and everything else.”

Attitudes to the environment isn’t the only thing that’s changing in Australia. There are great demographic shifts taking place in its two biggest cities: Melbourne and Sydney. For example, Melbourne’s population has surged by a million in the last decade.

This has led to increasing anxiety about population growth for Melburnians and Sydneysiders. In September 2019, one in five (19%) of Melburnians cited population as one of the top three issues affecting their local area. For comparison, in the rest of Australia, this figure falls to 6%. To learn more about this see Understanding Australia 2019: Where to from here?

Through the latest Ipsos Life in Metropolitan Australia report, we can get an understanding of what effect the growth in population has on liveability in the cities. It found that while Melbourne and Sydney are home to four of the 10 most liveable metropolitan areas in the country, they are also home to seven of the least liveable areas.

The author(s)

  • Jamie Stinson Content Manager

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