10 things we’ve learned from the Covid-19 pandemic

Whatever happens next in this unique, multidimensional, planetary crisis, we have reached a point where we need to take stock and reflect on what we’ve learned so far.

The author(s)

  • Simon Atkinson Ipsos Knowledge Centre, UK
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At the same time, we need to be mindful of the big challenges the world was already facing and which have not gone away: we were grappling with the implications of ageing populations, a fragile planet and growing inequalities long before coronavirus struck.

This Ipsos analysis, prepared for the World Economic Forum, sets out 10 themes which have really come to the fore in recent times. We will be publishing more research on these topics during the coming months:

  1. People proved adaptable
  2. Mental health is as important as physical health
  3. Consumer desires are unpredictable
  4. Inequalities are widening
  5. The “empty planet” scenario is now more likely
  6. We're getting more insular
  7. Maintaining public trust is difficult
  8. Expectations of the state have changed
  9. Fear and risk are being redefined
  10. A sustainable future requires leadership

The author(s)

  • Simon Atkinson Ipsos Knowledge Centre, UK