The Future of point of care (PoC) & rapid testing [webinar recording]

How has the Point of Care (PoC) and rapid testing market evolved, and what does the future hold? What are the key challenges, unmet needs and opportunities for companies working in PoC & rapid testing today?

View our webinar from December 2, for an exploration of changes in the PoC & rapid testing space, where our experts will unpack the latest findings from our research among healthcare professionals and pharma/biotech companies in EU5, US and China – including views on:

  • The current PoC & rapid testing market landscape, the challenges, and unmet needs
  • The impact of COVID-19 and how the market has evolved over the last two years
  • Opportunities for medical device companies working in this space
  • Where innovation is stemming from
  • Our vision of the future; how will the market evolve in the next two - five years?

An updated and more detailed report is now available. Download it here.


Speakers :

  • Christophe Homer, Director, Healthcare, UK

  • Nisha Gohil, Associate Director, Healthcare, UK

  • Tanvi Bhutkar, Research Manager, MD&D, Healthcare, UK

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