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We are currently receiving many questions about the impact of the virus. What does it mean for my industry, how will customers react, what should I do with a planned campaign or innovation, what can we learn from the approach in China? To answer these and other deeper questions we offer 3 services. Click on the icons below for more information.


Corona Tracker Corona What & Why Community

1. Corona Public Opinion Tracker

2. Corona What & Why Community




3. Corona VitalityScan



Corona marketresearch


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Corona Public Opinion Tracker

Sjoerd van Heck

Sjoerd van Heck
Senior Research Executive
[email protected]



What & Why Community

Christel de bruijn

Christel de Bruijn
Research Executive Kwalitatief
+31 20 6070 981
[email protected]

Vitality Scan

Customer Experience (CX) onderzoek Ipsos, Miranda van der Schouw

Miranda van der Schouw
Associate Research Director
CX Advisory
+31 20 6070 728
[email protected]

Vitality Scan

Mark van Koolwijk

Mark van Koolwijk
CX Advisory
Research Manager
+31 652488164 [email protected]


Media & Brand Communication