Anxiety the most common health concern among Britons under coronavirus lockdown

Britons in lockdown are most likely to be suffering from anxiety, over-eating and under-exercising.

According to new global research, Britons are most likely to be experiencing anxiety under lockdown than other health concerns. Almost 3 in 10 (28%) say they are suffering from anxiety under lockdown, more than the global average of 24%. This increases to a third of women (34%), while only 21% of men cite its impact. 

Other health concerns include over-eating and under-exercising, of which a quarter of Britons are struggling with (both 25%). Women are again most likely to be experiencing this, 31% are over-eating and 28% are under-exercising. Among men, only 19% are eating too much while 22% aren’t doing enough exercising. Only 4% of Britons say they are under-eating while in lockdown and 3% say they are over-exercising.

Sixteen per cent of Britons are experiencing insomnia and depression while in lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

Of the 16 countries surveyed, Britain (and Canada) have seen the highest increase in alcohol consumption. Over 1 in 10 (13%) say their consumption of alcoholic beverages has increased, globally, only 8% say the same. Only 4% of Britons say they have seen a decrease in how much alcohol they have consumes while in lockdown compared to 6% globally. 

However, Britons are among the least likely to have increased smoking. Only 7% say they are smoking more, compared to 9% globally. Only Japan and France have seen a smaller uptake (5% and 6% respectively). 

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