Ipsos is proud to be taking an active role in COP26

At the UN Climate Change Conference, COP26 in Glasgow, Ipsos will be taking an active role through several key platforms.

Ipsos is continuing to drive the debate in the fight against climate change by shining a light on the fears and expectations of citizens, consumers and employees around the world when it comes to sustainability. Only through doing this can government, brands and businesses gain an understanding of the issues and translate these into meaningful action.

At the UN Climate Change Conference, COP26, in Glasgow between 31 October and 12 November, Ipsos will be taking an active role through several key platforms:

  • Karen Fraser MBE, a Senior Director in Ipsos in the UK, chaired a panel on brands and climate change for ITV Media on Monday 1 November at STV in Glasgow and via livestream. In this session, broadcasters discussed their commercial initiatives for sustainability and how brands can benefit, and brands shared how they are leading the charge towards a greener future and their learnings along the way. Watch a replay of the recording.
  • Jess Long and Pippa Bailey presented in the blue zone at the COP26 Action Hub at 4pm on 11 November on the topic ‘Mythbusting the global climate of opinion’. Watch a replay of the event below or on the UNFCCC website:

  • Jessica Long was interviewed by Christian Fraser on BBC News about the myths and realities of global attitudes to climate change. Watch the video below.

  • Rachel Brisley, the new head of the Energy & Environment team in Ipsos Public Affairs took part in a panel event in the EU pavilion on 9 November at 10am, organised by CDRI and EU delegation to India in partnership with UK Met Office and University of Exeter. The event was entitled ‘Climate adaptation - through infrastructure and governance – a global perspective’ and  discussed evidence and solutions to the climate challenge, governance frameworks, quantifying pathways and new research to inform climate adaptation, climate and disaster risks, infrastructure resilience, and the next generation of climate services.

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