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How do I position my brand and portfolio for sustained performance?

We help you drive brand growth by identifying the new drivers of brand choice, uncovering changing needs and perceptions, and finding new roles for your brand to play.

Own the new drivers of brand success: Expectations, Context and Empathy


Ipsos' vision to building great brands is underpinned by our keys to unlock brand success: shaping Expectations / integrating Context / acting with Empathy.

Contextual Brand Choice is a new brand tool that empowers marketers to drive brand success by understanding and acting on these dimensions: Expectations, Context and Empathy. Context is especially important, as it can account for over 50% of brand choice drivers, depending on the category.


Our Contextual Brand Choice tool goes beyond emotional and functional drivers to determine contextual drivers in the form of behavioral triggers and barriers as well as societal drivers such as environmental impact, diversity & inclusion, and social change – which are extremely relevant to growing your brands in today’s markets.

Contextual Brand Choice helps you address challenges such as:

  • How can I reshape expectations in a way that only my brand can meet them?
  • How can I integrate societal impact in my brand proposition in an ownable and credible way?
  • How can I stretch my brand to more occasions?
  • How can I overcome behavioral barriers that stop people from using my brand?

Play a more important role in consumers’ lives

Our Brand Positioner solution helps you optimize your brand positioning through a people-centric approach that links your brand to occasions, jobs and benefits relevant to people’s lives. To ensure you are getting to the heart of consumer needs, we integrate behavioral science to uncover non-conscious drivers of choice and underlying brand associations. Backed by decades of brand research experience and our validated Censydiam Motivational Framework, we help you address challenges such as:

  • What category am I really playing in? Whom am I competing against?
  • How can I position my brand in a more optimal way?
  • How can I define a relevant role for my brand to play in people’s lives?

Leverage your most impactful brand assets

Our Distinctive Brand Assets solution guides your marketing strategy by identifying which brand assets you should leverage to drive brand growth. Using a behavioral science technique that captures non-conscious associations consumers make with your brand assets – and those of your competitors – this solution helps you answer:

  • Do my brand assets reinforce my brand image?
  • Are my assets appealing to consumers and unique versus competitors?
  • What specific steps should I take to optimize my brand assets portfolio?