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Customer Counting

Driving sales conversion, transaction size and staff optimization.

How high are your conversion rates? Could your conversion rates and transactions size be higher?

We provide people counting technology and behavioral insights to help measure performance and make the right decisions to drive sales growth.

We measure customer traffic, conversion rates, transaction size, customer behavior and movement … to manage location/network strategy, optimize staff utilization, and improve sales performance.

Via Customer Counting we measure the performance of all types of physical locations, including retail stores, workplaces, public spaces, leisure and transport sites, independently, or as part of the omnichannel experience.

Businesses across the world have benefitted from our people counting approach. Our accurate customer traffic data and insights can help you understand and positively influence customer behavior to drive sales conversion. Our people counting solutions include:

Street Count: Captures key metrics: passing street people traffic, direction of travel, and potential customer profiles, including gender … to evaluate location opportunity.

Customer Count: Monitors movement around location and in key areas: zones, kiosks, displays, queuing area … to assess operational performance: traffic, conversion rate, transaction value, dwell time, staff stretch, loyalty, regulatory compliance(e.g. COVID-19 restrictions).

Occupancy Count: Counts how many people are at location at a particular time (e.g. shoppers in the store) … to measure and manage occupancy levels; to drive compliance with site restrictions and safety regulations.

Customer Profile: Profiles customers by gender, age range, facial features, and mood, as they engage with window displays and digital messaging … to determine levels of engagement and pinpoint improvements required.

Customer Engage: Observes customers as they move around location … to understand what customers do, versus what they say they do – to inform store design and layout.

We address your key business questions, including:

  • Informing site network strategy. Where should new locations be opened to maximize customer traffic opportunities? Which existing locations should be closed?
  • Informing site layout and design, service design, merchandising, and staffing. Where should you focus efforts to improve location performance and desired outcomes, including conversion rates and transaction values?

Our experts analyze the people traffic data gathered, and integrate them with operational, customer and financial data, and research insights. Sophisticated technology platforms enabling real-time quality control, alerts and best-in-class reporting, form a key part of our services, as do data integration, advanced analytics and advisory services, including training programs, to improve channel performance.

Leveraging our global reach and industry expertise, we offer Customer Counting solutions that deliver better design, better execution, and better impact around the world.

  • Better design: Accurate counting systems you can trust (ISO 9001-Quality Management, ISO 27001-Information Security Management and ISO 20252-Market and Social Research accreditations)
  • Better execution: Robust data capture, validation and maintenance systems
  • Better impact: Account management support, along with data integration and advance analytics to put your data to work.

Learn how Customer Counting can work in conjunction with Channel Sizing, Mystery Shopping and Execution Measurement to improve channel performance.