eCommerce Unleashed Report
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eCommerce Unleashed Report

COVID-19 is unleashing eCommerce shopping globally, driving durable change in sentiment, behavior and channel migration.

Little by little, US brick & mortar is suddenly reopening this month. Some shoppers will rush back to retail. Others will stick to new socially distant behaviors, embracing eCommerce and click & collect. Most shoppers will experiment daily, sticking with some covid19-driven behaviors and ditching others.

The big question: how do we best anticipate durable shopping behaviors and adapt our rapidly changing shopper marketing and category development strategies to win in the new retail normal?

To help our clients prepare for lockdown emergence, Ipsos fielded a syndicated survey to quantify significant in shopping behavior in the U.S. and in major countries around the world.   The study delivers an analysis of:

  • Shoppers’ financial, health, and recovery sentiment
  • Comparisons of new and pre-crisis eCommerce shopper behaviors
  • Channel search, social media use, purchase locations, and retailer satisfaction
  • Category triggers, barriers, brand planning, trial, and future purchase intent
  • Shoppers’ plans to continue their emerging shopping behavior

We focus on overall shopping behaviors with deep dives into Alcohol &Tobacco, Banking & Credit, Beauty, Electronic Devices, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Home Care, & Personal Care.



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