[WEBINAR] Sustainability & eCommerce: Will Consumers Pay More?

Making significant changes to the supply chain in order to operate more sustainably requires commitment, resources, and investment.  But company’s making these types of investments want to know if they can increase pricing on products to help offset some of these costs and if consumers would be willing to pay more.  In February 2020, Ipsos conducted a self-funded ecommerce SimStore test, in which we created a new dish soap brand called Sustain, loaded up with sustainability claims.  We gave shoppers an opportunity to choose this brand versus other leading national brands, and tested it at different price points.  We also included a fashion module in which consumers were given the choice of a plain white t-shirt versus one that was made sustainably, also at different price points. The results may surprise you!

This is the second in our 3-part webinar series exploring sustainability in a new era. Please register today. 

Speakers :

  • Natalie Lacey, Chief Operating Officer, Global Affairs

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