The Behavioral Science of Customer Experience

Behavioural science offers the right lens and tools to explore, measure and predict consumer behaviour.

In an era of what we call the ‘Mind Economy’, the relationship between digital technology and decision-making is increasingly playing a part in the success or failure of brands.

Download this paper featuring five key ways in which technology is reshaping customer decision-making, and their particular relevance for CPG.

  1. Personalization: Moving from one-size-fits-all to services that meet our individual needs.
  2. Engineered environments: Increasingly designed and immersive environments mean external cues (rather than internal factors such as opinions or attitudes) will shape our décisions.
  3. Moment optimization: The time gap between the desire and its fulfilment is shrinking.
  4. Hyper-rationalization: Rather than relying on the brand as a marker of quality, we increasingly look at product and service features and their assessment by others.
  5. Experientialization: The continued move away from products and towards services which offer richer experiences.

Gain a better understanding of your customers’ experience throughout the entire journey, learn how it meets with expectations, and which aspects drive or undermine your brand’s opportunities to meet business goals.

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