Nearly Eight in Ten Rideshare Users Likely to Recommend Lyft

Likelihood to Recommend Jumps to 97% Among Those Who Have Used Lyft in the Past Six Months.

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  • Julia Clark Senior Vice President, US, Public Affairs
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New York, NY – Lyft values feedback above all else. That includes feedback from drivers and passengers on both the in-car and app experience, as well as how the brand resonates with people across the country. To continue to understand the Lyft brand (consumer perception, riding behavior, etc.) and the ride-sharing industry at-large, Lyft partnered with Ipsos to survey rideshare users. Here are the findings:

Passenger Ride Frequency

  • Among respondents who use Lyft, just over half (52%) use its services on a weekly basis, including more than one in ten who report using the rideshare program daily (12%).
  • One in seven (14%) adults who have used Lyft in the last six months report using the rideshare program as recently as today, while another two in five report last using Lyft to get a ride within the past 7 days (41%). Just over one in ten (12%) further report they last used Lyft at some point last week.
  • Lyft passengers are most likely to request the service in order to get to social engagement in their home city (43%), although another three in ten use Lyft mostly to commute to and from work (30%).

Passenger Behavior

  • Over one-third of (34%) of survey takers use Lyft as means of commuting to and from work
  • Lyft Classic is the most common service used by Lyft passengers, with a majority saying that they take it most often (58%). Roughly one in ten opt instead to typically take Lyft Line (12%) or Lyft Plus (11%) when getting a ride.

Return Passenger Likelihood + Recommendation

  • Lyft riders are 97% likely to refer Lyft to their friends.
  • Nearly eight in ten (78%) rideshare users say that they are likely to recommend Lyft to their friends or colleagues, while likelihood to recommend jumps to 97% among those who have used Lyft in the past six months.
  • Among adults who have never used Lyft before, another seven in ten (71%) say that they are likely to use the rideshare program in the future.
  • One-third of Lyft users believe that Lyft is making an impact on cities and transportation (33%, and 30% for all rideshare users).

Brand Perception

  • If Lyft were a person, a majority of Lyft passengers would describe it as friendly (53%), while nearly as many would say it is welcoming (46%), cool (42%) and trustworthy (42%).
  • In contrast, these numbers drop to 27% (welcoming), 25% (cool) and 31% (friendly) when passengers are asked about all other rideshare programs.
  • When asked what are the top attributes that describe the rideshare program riders use, 41% of Americans who use Lyft say it has friendly drivers, 41% say Lyft treats passengers/drivers well and 30% say Lyft makes them feel the most safe and secure.
  • When asked the same question of other rideshare services, these numbers drop to 28% (friendly), 19% (treats passengers/drivers well) and 18% (feel the most safe and secure).

Ridesharing general

  • For Americans who use rideshare programs, fast and reliable wait/ arrival times (46%) are seen to be most important when selecting a rideshare program, although having the best prices (40%) and feeling safe and secure (39%) do not fall too far behind.

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The author(s)

  • Julia Clark Senior Vice President, US, Public Affairs

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