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Video Interactions, QualSpace discussion board, AppLife mobile app: From Face-to-Face to Heart-to-Heart.

Thanks to ever more advanced digital solutions and cultural shifts across all populations, online qualitative is becoming a huge opportunity for our clients, providing:

  • access to geographically dispersed or hard to reach consumers
  • members to be interviewed in their real environment and express themselves freely
  • time and travel expenses savings
  • safe conditions of interviewing

Each context leads to a specific Ipsos solution:

  • QUALSPACE is an online discussion board accessible on desktop or mobile that gives individuals the time to really think about the topic and share detailed input, allowing us to analyze the evolution of perception over time.
  • APPLIFE is a methodology conducted on mobile that is particularly accurate to explore habits, engaging with users wherever they may be, using consumers’ own mobile devices to collect rich data combining text, pictures, emotion and location.
  • VIDEO INTERACTIONS are a very natural way of engaging with people in live mode, allowing them to show their environment without intrusion or logistic burden. It can be done in different modes: video excursions, individual webcam interviews for deep probing, in dyads for confrontation between different profiles (e.g. user vs non-user or even one country vs another) or mini-groups to create collective dynamics.