The Quirk's Event is a valuable collection of sessions and networking opportunities with leaders in the insights field. They are designed to be affordable and convenient, with in-person and virtual options and multiple dates and locations. Join us in Dallas to hear more about: 

  • The 2024 Election - What the will of the people says about the human condition and how brands can operationalize it: 2024 is arguably the largest natural experiment in human history with more than 2 billion people going to the polls in 50+ countries. What does this tell us about the human condition? What can we glean from it?  What is the role of emotions like hope, optimism, and love versus hate, fear, and grievance?  And what are the macro forces at play—demographic, attitudinal, and behavioral—that go beyond politics and shape our world? And how does populism and other “isms” impact this? Ipsos speakers: Clifford Young, Jola Burnett

  • Doing More with Less:  In today's dynamic business landscape, efficiency and resource optimization have become paramount. Join our panel to delve into insightful discussions, gain valuable perspectives, and uncover innovative strategies industry leaders employ to maximize output while minimizing resources. Be part of the conversation that explores the art of achieving more with less in a world where smart solutions and effective utilization of resources define success. From creating cozy homes to catering to our furry friends, this panel promises a wealth of knowledge and a touch of inspiration. Let's dive into the art of doing more with less. Ipsos speaker: Leabe Commisso

Let’s connect in person. Please register online here.   And expect to see us in Chicago (March) and New York (July) too!

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Speakers :

  • Clifford Young, President, US, Public Affairs

  • Jola Burnett, Vice President, Client Officer

  • Leabe Commisso, Senior Vice President, Client Officer