[RECORDING] The B2B Playbook to Boost Revenue in 2024

Join Ipsos’ Lisa Gudding to hear highlights from a survey Ipsos partnered with LinkedIn Sales Solutions of over 2,000 sellers and 500 buyers across the globe aiming to better understand the value of the deep sales approach — B2B sales best practices — and what it actually takes to win in this modern era of B2B selling.

What did we learn? Deep selling works. However, only 18% of B2B sellers are deep sellers, or top performers, and nearly half are shallow sellers, or low performers. In fact, sellers who adopt the deep sales approach are nearly 2x more likely to beat their number versus shallow sellers.

In this session, executives from Ipsos, Capgemini and LinkedIn will discuss the habits and behaviors of deep sellers vs shallow sellers, what technology they embrace to elevate their approach (hint; it’s AI powered sales tools!) and the path forward for you and your organizations to drive value and achieve (or exceed) your targets in 2024 -- and beyond.

To join us on February 21 or revisit the recording, please click here.

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Be sure to join us on February 22 to hear more about The Future of Sales: Deep Sales Trends for 2024, featuring Ipsos' Kelly Beaver.

Speakers :

  • Lisa Gudding, Executive Vice President, Senior Client Officer, US, Client Org