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Global Reputation Center

For business leaders who aspire to better decision-making in reputation, corporate communications and corporate policy development, the Global Reputation Center is the insight industry’s most trusted source of specialist research and guidance.

Client context

  • Measuring reputation performance against business return.
  • Identifying key drivers that have the most impact on creating reputational value.
  • Assisting clients to align and integrate actions to tackle reputational issues, and measuring the outcome.
  • Measuring and responding to the effects of brand or corporate crises.

Our Solutions

Reputation research

  • Evaluating reputation performance against business return.
  • Aligning business objectives with CSR activities to tackle reputation issues.
  • Focusing on the issues that matter most to your reputation and quantifying the results of current initiatives.
  • Using normative data to provide context by sector and region/country.
  • Evaluating the optimum positioning of new initiatives and partnerships.  
  • Identifying stakeholder expectations for the future and evaluating activities that increase trust, understanding that organisations that are trusted have greater resiliency in the event of crisis.

Crisis management research

  • Determining the severity of the crisis.
  • Testing communications to mitigate and re-build reputation and trust.

Sustainable Development at Ipsos

Sustainable development is the great challenge of our time. Can we end extreme poverty and reduce inequality while conserving the Earth’s limited resources?

Can we build a safer and fairer world for future generations?

Ipsos is one of the world’s largest consulting and research companies. Our specialist teams have decades of experience delivering credible, robust, and empowering insights, including in challenging environments such as conflict zones, and across a vast range of themes, from financial inclusion and economic empowerment, to health and sanitation, to agriculture and clean energy, to gender equality.

At Ipsos we offer evidence-based consulting to help our clients:

  • Track progress toward the SDGs
  • Make development cooperation more effective
  • Help governments improve their policies and services
  • Help private companies become more sustainable

Our expertise includes:

  • Impact evaluation
  • Corporate reputation and brand health
  • Communications and messaging
  • Social media and remote data analytics
  • Political risk assessment

Download more information on Sustainable Development at Ipsos here