[WEBINAR] Creating Inclusive Digital Experiences: Accessible UX Tips & Insights

Join us for an enlightening webinar as we delve into the world of accessible user experience (UX) and the impact it has on creating inclusive products. In today's digital age, it is imperative that we prioritize accessibility to ensure equal opportunities and experiences for all individuals, regardless of their abilities.

Learn why product accessibility matters, exploring its benefits such as expanded market reach, reduce legal risk and enhanced brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. We’ll dive into the essence of Accessible UX, uncovering key principles and best practices that break down barriers for individuals with disabilities. You’ll gain a better understanding of the value of including diverse perspectives in UX research and design, and how to build accessible capabilities within your organization.

Gain insights from Ipsos proprietary UX accessibility research, with real world examples and practical strategies to overcome common barriers in getting started with Accessible UX. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your product development process and create inclusive digital experiences that leave a lasting impact.

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Speakers :

  • Jacqueline Hull, Senior Vice President, Ipsos UX

  • Jody Ahlm, Senior UX Researcher at Ipsos North America

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