[WEBINAR] Discover dynamic, predictive measures with Ipsos.Digital

The cost of failure is higher than ever, both in dollars lost and brand reputations damaged. Ipsos can help you cut this risk in half using our dynamic, predictive measures, and trusted panel in a DIY or expert-assisted platform. Providing all the rigor, speed and flexibility your business demands.

With uncompromising devotion to accuracy and efficiency, Ipsos.Digital offers rigorous, validated on-demand research solutions for each step of the product development and activation process. Supporting clients all the way from product concept to creative execution. Our suite of solutions within Ipsos.Digital includes:

  • InnoTest – Uncover concept potential and size using shopper-defined competitors and industry validated benchmarks
  • Duel - Early screening for high-impact names, claims, and attributes
  • Creative|Spark – Fueling the creative process
  • FastFacts – Discover customer attitudes, shopping habits, usage occasions and more, with quick reliable surveys
  • FastPack – Quickly prioritize pack designs using competitive context and validated success metrics

Whether you’re looking to entirely do it yourself or need assistance from our research experts, Ipsos.Digital delivers high-impact insights at a low cost. Our flexible, end-to-end framework offers total understanding by leveraging customer- defined context, validated methodologies, and custom questionnaire templates.

Register today for our webinar to hear how Ipsos.Digital can help you see the bigger picture — on your timeline, and on your budget — or contact our team today for details and a demo.

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Ipsos.Digital is built on our rigorous, scientific approach to market research, making it a smart alternative to other low-cost DIY providers. Each capability is anchored by world-class expertise on topics ranging from behavioral science to competitive analysis, empowering you to accelerate your business decisions with complete confidence.

From new challenges to new opportunities, you act better when you are sure. So don’t leave the future to chance. With speed, simplicity, and substance, Ipsos.Digital is more than data. It’s total understanding.

Speakers :

  • Pedr Howard, Head of Creative Excellence

  • Tom Juetten, Executive Vice President, US, Innovation