[WEBINAR] Do Americans see themselves in the content on their screens?

Media and entertainment are changing alongside America. Using newly released data, Ipsos’ Mallory Newall, Vice President of Public Affairs, and Jamie Stenziano, Senior Vice President of Media Entertainment and Platforms, will explore whether Americans feel their experiences are reflected in the stories on their screens. They will also be joined by a special guest speaker, Denya ChinQuee, Senior Director, IP Strategy & Positioning, Paramount.

During this session, the speakers will also unpack the public’s perceptions around whether some groups are getting more air time and better representation than others. They’ll consider what that means in the context of broader discussions around inclusivity, representation, and the public’s expectations for businesses in this space, as well as explore where Americans turn to for content, divides around binge watching, and our favorite shows.

Why listen in? While media might be a place for escape for many, it’s also an important space where narratives around identity, belonging, and community form and spread. Business leaders, executives, and policymakers need to understand where the public is on these questions of inclusivity to best connect with them.

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Speakers :

  • Mallory Newall, Vice President, US, Public Affairs

  • Jamie Stenziano, SVP, Senior Client Officer: Media, Platforms, Entertainment