[WEBINAR] Launching Digital Health Solutions for Chronic Conditions: Tips & Tricks

Treatment for chronic conditions is extremely expensive –  accounting for 90% of the nation’s healthcare expenditures. Digital health solutions have the opportunity to meaningfully bring down these costs by improving care.

Chronic conditions require the right treatment and lifestyle considerations to be followed on a daily basis to keep them under control. However, this level of consistent, frequent attention is difficult to achieve. Members are often unaware of how to implement the right lifestyle changes to make a meaningful impact on their health. They can also become overwhelmed by the daily actions required on their end to keep their condition(s) under control.

Digital health solutions have the ability to reduce the burden of chronic conditions management and help members better understand their health condition(s) so they can take action. With this consistent and proper care, outcomes will improve and the costs associated with these conditions will drop.

Need help designing and commercializing your digital health solution? Join Ipsos’ Ashley Lumpkin and our special guests, Juli founder Bettina Hein, and Dr. Joe Kvedar from MGH Center for Innovation in Digital Healthcare, to hear more about their digital health solutions launch journey:

  • Biggest challenges insurers face related to members with chronic conditions
  • How digital health solutions can alleviate these issues
  • Latest trends in digital health for chronic disease care
  • How to choose the best digital health solutions for your organization to improve chronic condition care

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Speakers :

  • Ashley Lumpkin, Head of Ipsos’ Health Insurance Advisory Practice

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