[WEBINAR] Loving or Loathing: Understanding Affluents’ Relationship with Luxury

28 million Affluent Americans say that luxury products and services play an important part in their lives, but it’s a complicated relationship. Most Affluents associate luxury with high-quality, expensive items that are not necessities in their lives, but nevertheless they are desirable for their perceived value, exclusivity, and the status they convey. For many of them, luxury is seen as a reward for their hard work and success. In many ways, it’s an expression of personal satisfaction and self-affirmation.

Despite the deep connection that many Affluents have with luxury, there is a sizable number of high-earning Affluents who have a somewhat negative view of luxury, seeing it as overpriced and a symbol of excess. What separates the two, and how can luxury marketers appeal to both groups in order to grow market share? Please join Tony Incalcatera, Chief Research Officer for Ipsos Affluent Intelligence and Nathalie Sodeike, Service Line Leader for Ipsos Affluent Europe, to hear findings from our most recent research on the highest earning households. Among the things that attendees will learn:

  • Differences between how men perceive luxury versus women
  • In which categories Affluents purchase premium, high-quality, luxury brands
  • The impact of Affluents’ formative years growing up has on perceptions of luxury
  • How “premium” differs from “luxury”
  • Images that come to mind when Affluents think about luxury
  • The importance of experience over physical

The Ipsos Affluent Survey has been tracking the purchasing and media behavior of the most exclusive audiences for almost 50 years. With studies running in 50 markets around the world, we are able to offer an unparalleled understanding of how Affluents think and act – insights critical for all marketers hoping to increase share of wallet among the wealthiest consumers.

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Speakers :

  • Tony Incalcatera, Chief Research Officer

  • Nathalie Sodeike, Service Line Lead Audience Measurement, Syndicated Media and Director Global Affluent Survey, Netherlands