[WEBINAR] A New World Disorder: Opportunity in a Polycrisis

As 2023 opens, we’ve emerged from a global pandemic — only to find ourselves immersed in a looming financial crisis, a climate crisis, a war waged by Russia on Ukraine, and long-standing inequalities blooming into geopolitical crises around the world.

These challenges give businesses and institutions a clear mandate to offer plans and solutions. Yet less than half of people worldwide consider their national government (36%) or businesses (45%) to be good at planning for the long-term future. What should businesses, brands and institutions look out for in 2023 and beyond?

Ipsos Global Trends 2023 offers a comprehensive look at the forces shaping our “new world disorder.” With 48,000 interviews across 50 markets — covering 70% of the earth’s population and 87% of its GDP — this groundbreaking survey offers key insights on how brands and businesses can navigate an uncertain world.

In this can’t-miss webinar, experts from Ipsos Strategy3 and the Ipsos Trends & Foresight Lab will share key takeaways from Ipsos Global Trends 2023, including:

  • The growing tension between the global and the local
  • How the world sees environmental threats
  • Technological progress and its discontents
  • How consumer and citizen values are changing (and remaining the same)
  • What people worldwide expect of businesses and institutions

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Speakers :

  • Jennifer Bender  Principal, Ipsos Strategy3

    Jennifer Bender, Principal, Ipsos Strategy3

  • Philip Ryan

    Philip Ryan , Partner, Ipsos Strategy3

  • matt

    Matt Carmichael, What the Future editor and head of the Ipsos Trends and Foresight Lab