[WEBINAR] Staring Down Inflation: Affluents Financial Outlook for 2023

Despite the mixed news, the vast majority of Affluent households recently told us that their family’s finances are about the same or better than they were a year ago. That’s good news for marketers that appeal to Affluent households – particularly financial marketers – since the top 20% of U.S. households have an average net worth that is nine times larger than the rest of the country and certainly more diversified. According to the Federal Reserve Board, those Affluent households possess more than $28 trillion in corporate equities and mutual fund shares – almost 90% of the market. 

All of this is happening at a critical time for many Affluent households. Almost 1 in 4 employed Affluents plan to fully retire in the next 10 years, including 72% of employed Baby Boomers. While two-thirds of those planning to retire believe they’ve achieved their financial goals or are on track to, that leaves 1 in 3 looking to shore up their financial planning.

Please join us as we share findings from our recent research on Affluent household financial planning for 2023. Jesse Peretz and Stephen Wu, Research Directors for Ipsos Affluent Intelligence, will discuss the implications of Affluent plans for financial strategies in the coming year. Hear more about:

  • Whether disruptions in the market will cause Affluent investment approaches to change
  • How differently Affluents plan to allocate money in investment accounts in 2023
  • Reasons why some Affluents avoid using financial advisors
  • Which financial institutions are the most trusted
  • What retirement looks like to Affluents and how they are planning to get ready for it
  • What Affluent really think about cryptocurrencies and NFTs

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Speakers :

  • Jesse Peretz, Director of Ipsos Affluent Intelligence

  • Stephen Wu, Director, US, Audience Measurement