2015 Greek General Election

Successfully covering the Greek elections. Once again, Ipsos in Greece has been quite active at polling throughout the recent General Elections.

Besides several regional surveys, our team conducted a national poll two weeks before the elections. Although a significant part of the voters were still being undecided, this poll clearly indicated SYRIZA as the winning Party.


More importantly, the poll captured significant ‘qualitative’ aspects suggesting that SYRIZA had a momentum that would lead to clear win:

  • The based-in-fear campaign of the governing party, New Democracy, had not been as effective as intended.
  • Those concerned by the continuation of austerity measures clearly outnumbered those concerned by the uncertainty of a new government that had declared a more firm and assertive stance towards the EU and IMF.


Moreover, the poll indicated that SYRIZA was decreasing the gap in traditionally more conservative sub-groups such as the aged 65+, housewives and farmers.


In addition to the pre-elections polls, professor Elias Nicolacopoulos, Ipsos’ leading political analyst, and Emmanouela Costopoulou, Research Director, were part of the team of analysts conducting and commenting the exit poll conducted on behalf of MEGA Channel, leading national TV channel.

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