Coronavirus has become a growing topic on Social Media with 24 million posts shared in the last two months

Learn how the virus’s impact on the economy is the #2 topic discussed online. Monitor the online spread of the Coronavirus to understand its global impact.

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  • Laïla Idtaleb Social Intelligence Analytics, France
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The coronavirus is teetering on the precipice of reaching the World Health Organization’s (WHO) classification of a pandemic and has achieved virality online. The epidemic outbreak has raised public concern, especially online, and the need for accurate public health information is stronger than ever. Currently, the new coronavirus is present in 48 countries and counting.

Information publishers, including WHO, domestic public health institutions, and news outlets, are under pressure to deliver continuous, reliable information. Social platforms have taken steps to combat fake news spread and, instead, promote validated data from websites, such as WHO. On February 26th, the US stock market recorded its worst drop in prices in two years, about 3% according to the Wall Street Journal, triggered by analysts’ fears of coronavirus. Many industries have already been negatively impacted, while others appear to be benefiting from the shift. However, across the spectrum, companies want reliable, accurate information to anticipate the impact of the crisis on their business.

People consume and share news around the clock. They talk and ask questions about the coronavirus online, therefore making social media a place where public opinion can be measured. We used Synthesio’s leading global Social Intelligence Suite to dive deeper into the spread coronavirus in online conversations.

Since Italy is the most impacted country in Europe currently, it will be our key focus for this first release. More to come soon as we continue to monitor the situation. There will be more reports soon as we continue to monitor the situation with our extensive reporting expertise.

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The author(s)

  • Laïla Idtaleb Social Intelligence Analytics, France

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