Data quality

Ipsos has both the scale and the experience to deliver industry leading research with access to a great pool of respondents in both developed and developing markets addressing clients’ needs in terms of any consumer target. It gives access to 106 countries, in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Middle East and Africa.

Highest quality standards | Respondents engagement | Accreditations

The highest quality standards

Ipsos is offering integrated services and device agnostic solutions ensuring efficiency, speed, respondent engagement, wide coverage (140+ countries) and competitiveness. Whether it is research design consultancy, questionnaire programming, translation, sampling, field coordination, online reporting, data-processing, coding, charting, data visualization, Ipsos provides the highest quality of research throughout the following principles:

1/ Online interviews: Ipsos panel and survey integrity procedures

Our quality procedures are renowned as being at the leading edge in the industry and guarantee our respondents are:

  • Real - They are who they say (Double Opt-In approach, Country validation via Geo-IP, Mismatch between device settings and geo location…).
  • Fresh - They have not participated recently in similar surveys (Strict panel usage rules, Duplicate devices through digital Fingerprinting …).
  • Engaged - They complete surveys seriously (Detection of speeders, straight liners, regular purge…)
  • Unique - They can only take the survey once (Duplicates, digital Fingerprinting)

To find out more about our quality approach, please refer to our answers to the 28 Esomar questions which aim to help researchers to ensure that what they receive meets their expectations.

2/ Professional operations people

  • Online and mobile - Ipsos has a full global online organisation with 1,700 online and mobile experts concentrated in 5 regional production hubs allowing optimal coverage, consistency, best practices sharing cross regions with local consultants to benefit from local input on international initiatives.
  • Offline - Globally, our 4,300 staff members complete a program of operations specific online training courses aimed at developing their professional skills and ensuring consistency in our processes and quality of delivery. Our local operations teams work closely with a central team of global subject matter experts, who define the policy and objectives, and drive the operations initiatives that support Ipsos’ business strategy and client first agenda.

3/ Efficient and rigorous processes

To run from traditional to faster surveys and from simple to the most sophisticated surveys, Ipsos is using powerful tools and digital solutions as an important improvement factor for survey methods guaranteeing quality and speed.

  • In the offline world, Ipsos leads the field in supplementing traditional retrospective data validation with a suite of real time data validation tools built into iField – using GPS and passive data in combination with respondent feedback we are confident we can raise the bar on the quality and speed of offline delivery.
  • In the online and mobile arena, our teams benefit from online user friendly dashboard allowing them to monitor field progress in real-time, access to first data and share them with their clients.

In our changing world where people mobility, availability and distraction are high, engaging respondents is a key challenge. To do so, Ipsos is all the time looking for the best way to interact with them, continuously exploring new ideas and new ways to make surveys more engaging – because consumer engagement is the foundation of good research.


Ipsos’ quality procedures are renowned as being at the leading edge in the industry, setting us apart from our competitors.

Our rigorous and structured training programme, which all staff complete, provides our clients with the peace of mind that they can always depend on us to deliver reliable, sustainable findings. Moreover, our focus on quality and continuous improvement means we have embedded a 'right first time' approach throughout our organisation.

Ipsos is a member of ESOMAR, the World Association of Opinion and Marketing Research Professionals and WAPOR, World Association for Public Opinion Research.