Global Trends 2020: Understanding Complexity

Global Trends 2020: Understanding Complexity provides a single-source dataset of over 200 questions Ipsos asked of people in 33 markets, on global opinions, attitudes and behaviours around brands, technology, society, consumerism and much more, and combines it with expert analysis by trend specialists.

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  • Ben Page CEO Ipsos
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Welcome to Ipsos Global Trends 2020 – this report outlines some of the headlines from more than 370 questions asked across 33 countries, and updates previous editions from 2013 and 2016.

We have analysed the data in more depth than ever, highlighting the world’s values and trends in one in-depth survey. Whether you are interested in populism, brand building, climate change, politics or social issues, you will find useful insights here.

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Using advanced analytics and expert analysis on this huge data set, we have identified 12 trends and 36 values that will dominate the world in the 2020s.

  1. Climate emergency and antagonism
  2. A world divided by its values
  3. Choices over healthcare
  4. Reactions to uncertainty and inequality
  5. Capitalism’s turning point
  6. Peak globalisation
  7. Data dilemmas
  8. Conscientious health
  9. Authenticity is king
  10. The search for simplicity and meaning
  11. The tech dimension: technophilia and technophobia
  12. The enduring appeal of nostalgia

Looking at our trends, at first sight you may see a world challenged by power conflicts, populist risings, climate emergency and frightening technology. Yet we have also found satisfaction with living standards rising globally, and a gentle rise in self-fulfilment.

In a populist age – at least in western media – we find rising support for globalisation, and improvements in ratings of local public services globally. We find more people worried that technology is destroying our lives, but simultaneously more people saying we need technology to solve our challenges. For this reason, we have called this edition Understanding Complexity.

We have included short reflection essays from Ipsos teams in France, Canada, the US, Brazil, the Netherlands, Australia and the UK, reflecting Ipsos’ truly global reach – we are present in 90 markets. These are for those thinking about their organisation’s challenges in the years ahead. Do get in touch if you would like more detail on any of the trends here – we are only able to put the headlines into this print edition of the report, and more value derives from working through the trends across the 33 countries as they affect you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Ben Page
Chief Executive

The author(s)
  • Ben Page CEO Ipsos

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