How automation has transformed the way we work

Worker Preparedness and Consumer Attitudes toward Automation Vary Widely Across Countries

The author(s)

  • Nicolas Boyon Public Affairs, US
  • Henri Wallard Ipsos, France
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  • Nearly half of workers globally report that automation has totally transformed their job
  • Three in ten workers say automation is putting their current employment at risk
  • However, citizens are twice as likely to say automated technologies have a positive impact on society than a negative one

PARIS, 21st February 2019Global Citizens and Automation, a new report from Ipsos and the World Economic Forum, highlights how profoundly the work of men and women throughout the world is changing. The report provides an in-depth look at the attitudes of consumers as well as the experience and preparedness of workers across the globe regarding automation. It is based on the first installment of an Ipsos-World Economic Forum global tracking study on consumer acceptance of information technology.

The Global Citizens and Automation survey was conducted in October and November 2018 among 18,813 adults from 26 countries on Ipsos’s Global Advisor online platform. Future waves of the global tracking study will be conducted and reported twice a year.

The study resulted in three main insights:

  • Workers’ experience with automation is mostly positive, but many fear it puts their employment at risk
  • Workers around the world are unevenly prepared for automation
  • Automated technologies tend to be viewed favorably

You will find all the detailed data in the downloadable document coming along with this article, and the complete presentation in the SlideShare below.


The author(s)

  • Nicolas Boyon Public Affairs, US
  • Henri Wallard Ipsos, France