Ipsos acquires Karian and Box, an expert in employee relationship management

Ipsos announced today the acquisition of Karian and Box, a UK’s leading specialist in employee research and experience.

As companies increasingly place their relationship with their employees at the heart of their growth agenda, Ipsos is developing its Employee Relationship Management capabilities to provide clients with the most advanced research and advisory solutions in the areas of employee experience, workplace culture, leadership and change management.

Founded in 2006 with the ambition to give people a better voice at work, Karian and Box helps leaders take data-driven action to improve culture and experience. The company collaborates with some of the world’s biggest organisations to navigate the challenges of transformation programmes, cultural change and rallying employees behind new strategies or leadership teams. In the last 18 months they have also focused on the evolution of workplaces in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Karian and Box employs over 100 people in the UK across a range of disciplines, including advisors, data analysts, occupational psychologists, creatives, developers, and project managers. They have grown year-on-year since foundation and in 2020 they posted revenues of £7 million.

Ipsos runs similar practices in several markets including France and Germany.

Ghassan Karian, CEO and Founder of Karian and Box, says: “We are thrilled to join Ipsos, with whom we share both a fundamental commitment to making data actionable so that it can drive client decision-making, and a focus on innovation. As part of Ipsos we can build on 15 years of growth to become an even stronger employee research and advisory partner for our clients.

Didier Truchot, Founder and Chairman of Ipsos, commented: “We welcome Karian and Box. The challenges facing leaders today are complex and multi-faceted and it’s never been more important to give employees a voice at work. Their market-leading approach, advanced analytics and validated approach to measuring culture will further reinforce our offer to clients at a time when it’s most needed.