Ipsos Update – June 2024

Generations, Equality, Pride … Ipsos Update explores the latest and research & thinking on key topics from Ipsos teams around the world.

The author(s)
  • Simon Atkinson Head of the Ipsos Knowledge Centre
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Welcome to the new and improved Ipsos Update. In this edition we delve into a sundry of topics. If you haven’t already, get the latest understanding on generations and what demographic change will mean for businesses and politics in Ipsos’ 2024 Generations Report. 

Also take note of the newest and popular Equalities Index and Pride Survey, the former exploring important issues around inequality in society and the latter looking at global perceptions towards the LGBT+ community.

In this edition:

Ipsos Generations Report 2024

The second edition finds that most people don’t know what generation they belong to, explores the business opportunities brands risk missing out on by ignoring mature adults, and demonstrates why demographic changes are no longer just a political issue. 

Ipsos Equalities Index

 The second edition explores global perceptions of what equality is, who cares most, who faces most unequal treatment and who bears the responsibility for addressing it.

Cost of Living Monitor

 This 32-country study looking at how people are doing financially and their expectations for the future. In its sixth edition, it uncovers that despite inflation rates slowing in many countries, the number of people struggling financially remains high.

What Worries the World?

 Inflation remains the top concern after two years. Meanwhile, Argentina is no longer the most worried country about inflation and, likewise, in nearly a decade, Italians don’t put unemployment as their primary concern.

Flair France 2024

 Between resolutions and revolutions, this year promises to be rich in emotions. Is nostalgia a solution to cope with the current climate? From the Barbie pink wave to the growing success of second-hand purchases and luxury, let's dive into the year 2024 and its contradictions.

Ipsos Pride Survey 2024

 The second report finds gender, generational and geographical gaps, and in some cases canyons, on a range of issues remain.

State of Learning for UK Employees

 The latest paper from Karian & Box finds diverse insights into UK learning opportunities and development, including at a time when AI is beginning to rapidly alter people’s jobs, many say they haven’t had the chance to learn about it.

European Public Affairs Digest

To coincide with this month’s European Parliament elections, this special edition of the Ipsos European Public Affairs Digest brings together expert insights on key dynamics shaping the upcoming EU-wide vote.

Also, find out more about the European Union’s new Digital Markets Act; listen to the Voternomics podcast with special guest Ben Page; read the report conducted on behalf of Microsoft about AI strategy for business; and learn about one of the largest studies done by Ipsos on the viability of Large Language Models.

The author(s)
  • Simon Atkinson Head of the Ipsos Knowledge Centre