Nigeria Now and in the Future study

This survey will be run by Ipsos in Nigeria on a quarterly basis. This publication summarizes outcome of the first wave.

In sum, Nigerians are still extremely loyal to open markets despite the massive investment in new retail formats over the past two decades. Smart phones are owned by a large majority of Nigerians and are by far the main way of accessing the internet with laptops far behind. Data is a close second to food in terms of what Nigerians spend their money, including transport and electricity. Nigerians get their news mainly from radio with TV second. The internet is far behind in this respect and it appears that Nigerians access the internet mainly for entertainment rather than news. As in the rest of the world, Newspapers are almost insignificant as a source of news and are in danger of disappearing altogether. Finally, Nigerians want their government to fix the economy. Overwhelmingly they believe the economy and inflation are by far the most serious problems facing the country.

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Future waves will be interesting as we begin to get data on trends. Stay tuned for the next wave, which will be conducted in March. Even without trend data, the findings from this first wave are very interesting and provide insights on Nigeria and Nigerian consumers.