Synthesio, an Ipsos company, joins the Twitter Official Partner Program

Synthesio, an Ipsos company, joined this week the Twitter Official Partner Program (TOPP). This program is the home to best-in-class technology solutions with proven track records of success.

Ipsos | Synthesio | Twitter | TOPP

Through this partnership, Synthesio will join an exclusive group of companies that receive enhanced support from the social media giant, unparalleled access to information across Twitter, and the opportunity to co-develop products that can deliver even more value to customer-centric brands. This partnership will also expand our unmatched data “hybridization” and predictive capabilities, allowing clients to truly see what they are missing across the most important online and offline channels and identify and leverage future strategic trends. 

“Over the last ten years, the TOPP badge has been our way of rewarding our closest partners for building best-in-class products with Twitter’s Developer Platform. I am thrilled to welcome Synthesio, an Ipsos company, to join this elite group of partners who continue to bring innovative Twitter experiences to businesses on Twitter,” added Lauren Jenkins, Head of the Twitter Official Partner Program. 

With the conviction that providing actionable insights to clients starts with having access to the right data, Synthesio harnesses the broadest set of online and offline data sources and applies next-generation Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technology to understand human expressions, blend big and small data, spot trends, and derive the most relevant insights. “Our mission is to offer the most complete, accurate, and predictive picture of markets and buyers, and being part of Twitter’s TOPP program drives this mission forward and provides tremendous value and insight for our customers," said Heath Podvesker, Synthesio CEO