[Webinar] CX lessons in love from Ipsos

Ipsos | Free Webinar | Customer Experience | Valentine's day


Relationships, Relationships, Relationships… How do you design those experiences that make customers fall in love with you, say good things about you, forgive you when things go wrong, and keep coming back for more?

During this Valentine’s Day LinkedIn live special event, we will share our secret recipe for designing, delivering, measuring and managing customer experiences that will form deep emotional connections with your customers, and drive the right behaviours – to create that all important ROCXI: a Return on your CX Investment.

We look forward to sharing our CX Lessons in Love. See you there!

Speakers :

  • Fiona Moss - Head of Global Analytics Team, Customer Experience

    Fiona Moss, Head of Global Analytics Team, Customer Experience

  • Helen Bywater-Smith | Ipsos

    Helen Bywater-Smith, Global Head of Service Design, Customer Experience

  • Jean-François Damais | Ipsos

    Jean-François Damais, Global Chief Research Officer, Customer Experience

  • Helen Wilson - Global Chief Experience Officer, Ipsos

    Helen Wilson, Global Chief Experience Officer, Customer Experience & Channel Performance, Ipsos