[WEBINAR] Sustainability: What we know and how you can act in 2021 & beyond

Companies need to adapt their business strategies to reflect the growing needs on sustainability, but…

  • … what efforts do different consumer segments take to change their behaviour and to buy sustainable products or services?
  • … how can we enable them to act in the way they want?
  • … and how can we understand the gap between what people are saying and what people are doing?

Please join us for a webinar to get answers that supports you to understand and target the right consumer segments and to create a market for your sustainable products / services.

The webinar is based on a combination of global and local experts, a new global study (incl. Swiss insights), synthesised dozens of global research reports and case studies of ground breaking work that Ipsos is currently doing around the globe in the area of sustainability.

Speakers :

  • Natalie Lacey, Executive Vice President, Media Development, Ipsos US

  • Dilshie Reginould, Innovation, Switzerland

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